The Holy Grail. Part 5 – Revolution

The road to the holy grail of becoming a furniture superstar is quite simply a minefield of do’s and don’ts. It’s a good job I like a challenge, and after all a headwind can only make you stronger!

’If you can’t beat them join them’, pffff no, I prefer ‘if you can’t join them beat them’ (and not in a baseball bat around the head kind of way, although yes it’s true there are some rather pompous prats who could only benefit from such treatment), try saying it with the Christian Bale batman voice, it sounds great. Ah Batman the caped crusader, a vigilante in the world of bad shit, the man who made a stand and so following in his bat steps it is time for me to do the same. Before you start calling the police because you think I am about to swoop down in the dark on gallery owners, magazine editors and furniture Gurus, don’t, just put your iPhone down, back away, sit down, make yourselves comfy and I’ll fill you in.

Now, Bruce Wayne could have just sat on his arse watching the Tour de France on his home cinema whilst drinking champagne knowing that he was sorted for life with billions in the bank, but he didn’t, why? Same goes for all the other superheroes really, they could have just used their powers to take care of themselves.

Spiderman – “Oi Superman you were broke last week, where did you get that iPad from?” Superman – “Same place you got your Xbox you sticky fingered, little spider freak!”

The answer is that they were brought up by good honest families where they learnt respect, honour and flying (you know it’s true, just watch the films again). And so to my crusade and sure it’s not saving the world from a runaway nuclear train or from a crazy mad messed up twisted scientist but none-the-less one which I believe has its place.

Some people might say that it’s just sour grapes and a cheap low blow to get back at certain design villains. No, it’s really not that, I’d like to think of it as more of a revolution, a rising up against those who believe that money and power buys taste and the right to treat you like poodle droppings. I mean the design world apart, how many times have you been frustrated; by the knobhead in the latest BMW who cuts you up because he thinks he rules the world or by a president who rolls with the bling bling gang shooting his mouth off like some kind of cheap prostitute (sorry all prostitutes didn’t mean to disrespect you), or the spoilt school kid who rocks up with the latest ‘down with the kids’ Nike clothes, or that ‘pop-star’ who can’t sing but knows the right people and so is swimming in wonga. Money does not buy intelligence or taste! My last two years trying to make a foot hold in the art and design industry have just highlighted this point.

The problem with art is that it is subjective, who is to say what is beautiful or not, and ok, fair-play, I get that. My fight does not really spur from this, I would never in my ‘batty’ dreams think that my work was better than anybodies else’s. Respect and common decency, that’s where I am going to draw my first battle lines. I am going to create my own world where these people are brought down to a level where we are equal, teach them some manners, old school style. Take away the BMW’s and the Rolex watches, strip them naked, who cares if they have the power after all they only have the power because we continue to blindly follow them. We put them were they are so we can very easily remove them. It’s time to mix thinks up a bit, to ruffle a few feather, break some eggs, to change the balance. It might take a while to get here, but the storm, the storm is coming (again with the batman voice if you please).

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