Photo Competition – Results

When I launched the photo competition of my chair at Clermont-Ferrand Airport in France, I did wonder if I hadn’t opened myself up to a minefield of potentially, let’s say over extravagant exhibitionists. Fortunately everybody behaved and I didn’t have to contact the local Gendarmes for any cases.

I would like to thank all the participants for their entries and congratulate them for the great quality of their photos. I have chosen one overall winner and two others in separate ‘special’ categories. Read the captions attached to the photos below to discover more.

Overall winner – Natacha and Chris from Clermont-Ferrand

Special ‘Crazy French Rugby Fan’ Award – François from Clermont-Ferrand

Special ‘I’ll do anything to suck up to the judge by using Hawaii for inspiration and wearing shorts in winter’ Award – David from Clermont-Ferrand

The three winners will be contacted by email to receive their prizes.

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