My First Workshop

You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes well you might find, you get what you need”


Wise words from the stage strutting genius Mick Jagger. Ok, so what I wanted was a huge, all singing and dancing workshop with ocean views, wall to wall sunshine and Scarlett Johansson bringing me cool drinks and offering to sweep up at the end of the day. After several weeks and quite a bit of trying, what I found was exactly what I needed, a lovely, modestly sized workshop tucked away down a quite country lane in an old farm building just south of Bristol.


Having waited for this moment for the last 2 years, you can all imagine how excited I was to finally get my hands on the keys to my own space. As soul fulfilling and eye-opening as all the travelling and adventures were, I can now at last, get stuck in and start to hand make my furniture designs.


As well as all the positive factors of working in the beautiful, peaceful, picturesque countryside I also have the advantages of access to a fully equipped woodwork machine and spray shop meaning that I can challenge myself to produce anything my imagination dreams up.


Follow the photo sequence; I hope this gives you a good idea of where I will be starting the latest chapter of my design story.

1. Just outside Barrow Gurney, south of Bristol in the UK

2. At the end of a private country lane

3. Through the trees and around the bend

4. Past the old barn and onto the farm

5. A few clues left by the local tree surgeons of what is coming up

6. Past the shared machine shop

7. The old outbuildings, spray shop on the left

8. And finally my new workshop

9. Day one, looking a bit bare but ready for action!


9 thoughts on “My First Workshop

    • Not sure what happened to my message – it wowed itself off the screen… but just wanted to say super good luck Xx
      (ps who needs scarlett johanessen when you’ve got the beautiful julia!!)

  1. Wow! I still haven’t visited the other place I think you visited before but I know that area quite well and I don’t think it compares to the setting you’ve discovered your first workshop in!

    Is it anything to do with Radius Woodworkers? I think they’re in the same area and I know someone who used to work there.

    It sounds like you’ve got everything you need and I look forward to further photos with it all kitted out! :-)

    • Thanks Olly. Yeah it’s connected to Radius Woodworkers, who is it you know who used to work there? As soon as I have it kitted out I’ll post some action photos. Cheers.

      • Steve Ganley is his name. I think he now works for the RAF but I knew him at school and saw him again when I returned to college. I was looking for work a few years ago and contacted Radius, explaining my situation and then was when realised Steve was (at the time) working there. He seemed to be very complimentary of them.

  2. A workshop fit for a King!!
    Well found Tom, very Jealous!!
    What a setting too, love the fact its on an old farm…
    You look right at home, cant wait to see what new creations come out of your new workshop…
    Good luck setting upx
    P.S I’m sure the Hilux would like a visit of the grounds!

  3. Hi Tom – congratulations and as Tiddy says – WOW ! What a super place to turn your extraordinary designs into reality and so lucky to find such a idyllic rural location so close to Bristol.

    I hope the fitting-out goes well.

    Love to you & Julia, Roger & Ali.

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