Autumn changes

The warm summer days may have long drifted away but the leaves on trees around the farm where my workshop is located are glowing with warm reds, browns and yellows and the log burner in the machine shop reassuringly crackles away whilst the first signs of winter set in.

Sixteen years ago, when I stood watching the university workshop lecturer Pete in his doctor like white coat show us how to cut delicate dovetail joints and do veneer parquetry, I would never have dreamed that one day I would be mixing concrete in construction boots outside on a chilly Novembers day in the name of furniture.

Having been thoroughly briefed by my bridge designer father I set about making two supports for my aero ‘Reach for the Sky’ chair. My shopping list for the local DIY store was as almost far out as my silly hat, it included items such as plastic waste pipes and rubber gloves. I could just imagine old Pete summoning the fine furniture gods to whip up a storm.

Rest easy upstairs, I am currently working on three new ‘classical’ pieces which will be unveiled soon. And saving the best until last there is my adventure to London to film for Channel Four’s Four Rooms TV show, it is all top secret for the moment so you will have to wait until the New year to find out more!!

I hope you enjoy the photos of my first and perhaps not last concrete experience.



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