Writing Table ‘Ready About – TR50′

Ready about! Many will see the nautical link, getting prepared to change direction, but the name runs a little deeper. Ready about – TR50 is related to a time in my life where I was at last free to chose my own direction, to open my eyes and unleash my imagination. Every time I think about that period, I smile, a deep smile which brightens up my day, I realize how lucky I have been. It all started here, and so a very special piece to me, working on this table inspired me to discover another universe.

I wanted to convey an idea of inner strength, where just like on a sailing yacht the mast has to support great stresses and strains but yet still looks sleek and agile. The maple mast, inclined at an angle hinting at movement, an honest and traditional component contrasted by the metal framework.

Photos by Jacques Pouillet. All rights reserved ©

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