Table ‘The Leaner – TR77′

The Leaner, leans, the Leaner does not fall. Why do so many people rock up to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Would they swamp there and eat yummy Italian ice cream if it was standing bolt upright? Probably not.

Ok, so my Leaner was not inspired by some wonky Italian architectural tourist attraction but its gravity defying similarities have helped it become a stop and stare piece. The true inspiration came whilst at Bucks Uni, I was rebelling against a guest designer who came in to help out. No names of course, but the bloke basically said that I should give up trying to complicate my life by designing furniture which wouldn’t stand up or which looked top heavy. Karate chop to the back of the neck and down he went – no, but he did me a big favour. The favour being never, never, never design what others believe to be right and hence the Leaner table.

The Leaner – TR77 table before final finish is applied

The Leaner – TR77 table with veneer box

Photos by Jacques Pouillet. All rights reserved ©

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