Occasional Tables ‘Pointy’ High and Low

Growing up in a world where aerodynamics made the difference between winning and losing, you can understand my attraction to aero, slippery, pointy shapes. The Pointy High and Low occasional tables were inspired by a childhood passion for cycling and bicycle design.

I remember sitting on the sofa in 1992 watching the Olympics where the British track cyclist Chris Boardman blitzed the 4km pursuit on his super sleek Lotus bike. Aerodynamics beautifully harnessed, in what has become an iconic design and a legendary moment.  

Occasional Table ‘High Pointy’ by Tom Rowan

The tables are designed and handmade by Tom Rowan in his workshop in Bristol, UK. They are also available in any colour or wood of your choice. There is also a carbon fibre version for the real ‘Lotus bike’ experience. Contact us by email to discover more information and options.

Ocassional Table ‘Low Pointy’ by Tom Rowan

The tables can be collected locally or shipped to you. Shipping costs depend on the destination.

Dimensions : High Pointy – height 84cm, Low Pointy – height 47cm

Photos by Tom Rowan. All rights reserved ©


All my creations are available to buy, should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.


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