Low Table ‘Rum Runner – TR08′

The low table ‘Rum Runner – TR08’, for those of you sponges out there it is indeed a place where you could pose your evening cocktail after a short jog around the living room, however the origins behind the name are a little more poetic.

A rum runner is a high speed boat used to shuttle contraband ashore, pursued and chased along the coast, agile with an element of risk and danger. Ready to power up and launch itself out of trouble, by no means a hero, but yet we can’t but help want to see it slip away.

When I dreamed up the low table ‘Rum Runner – TR08’ I wasn’t hiding from the law, I did on the other hand want to break a few furniture laws, with its pointy front end it is far from a safe option, the red base inciting certain dangerous emotions. The Rum Runner will take you on your own adventure whilst you sit back and take another sip.

Photos by Jacques Pouillet. All rights reserved ©

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