Light Side Table ‘Swell’

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, if you are patient and look hard enough you’ll find yours. I found my light sitting in the sand, watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. The depth and spectrum of colours was quite simply mesmerizing. I wanted to capture these sensations and somehow create a piece inspired by this moment of natural beauty. The ‘Swell – TR06’ light side table recreates the instance the distant sun softly fades away at the end of the day, contrasted by the vast ocean and the perpetual waves.

The central, soft, glowing light is operated by a remote control and the table has no cables, meaning it can be placed anywhere in your room. It is powered by a replaceable battery unit which can be easily accessed by a rear door. The legs in the photographed piece are solid maple wood.

The tables are designed and handmade by Tom Rowan in his workshop in Bristol, UK. They are also available in any colour or wood of your choice (see below for examples of different models), with or without the wave detail. Contact us by email to discover more information and options.

The tables can be collected locally or shipped to you. Shipping costs depend on the destination.
Dimensions : height 72.5cm, width 30cm, depth 30cm
Photos by Tom Rowan. All rights reserved ©

All my creations are available to buy, should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

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