Tour of Britain – Chair exhibition

On Friday the 20th of September the cycle race the Tour of Britain hit Sidmouth, Devon. As part of my exhibition project ‘Une Place Pour Tous’ I got permission from the race organisers to display my chair just before the start line. I hope you enjoy looking through the photos as much as I did rubbing shoulders with the likes of Cav, Wiggo and the boys.

1. Beautiful sun rise at Sidmouth seafront – 6.45am

2. Walking the chair to the start.

3. Setting up the chair just before the start line.

4. Chatting up the local police, couldn’t get a go in the flash car but did manage to talk them into a few photos

5. Who needs a Lotus police car to go fast….

6. The podium girl.

7. Just in case you missed her.

8. Promotion to high vis jacket men! Last minute tactics talk before the riders arrive.

9. First rider up, Adam Yates from the GB squad.

10. Peter Sagan’s brother Juraj.

11. Local boy Yanto Barker.

12. Mr Nice Guy from Team Rapha, Kristian House.

13. The new bike stand for Team IG Sigma!

14. Sneaky ‘Tour De France king of the mountains winner’ Quintana thinking he can carry it away with one hand.

15. He came back for a second look and decided he would have to come back with his team bus.

16. Team SKY’s Josh Edmondson.

17. Team Sky’s Mat Hayman.

18. Wiggo eying up my chair.

20. Cool as a cucumber, Dan Martin trying to decide which was the best moment of 2013, winning Liege Bastogne Liege or sitting on my chair?

21. Stage winner Simon Yates – inspiration

22. Cav bowing his head in dispair as he knows he has missed his chance to sit on my chair.

23. A late entry from the Photographer Simon Vogt, a big thank you to him for his cool shot.

A big thank you to Paul for the photos and Bacon butties, to my Dad for getting up at 5.30 to help install the chair, to Zsolt for organising and co-ordinating the implacement and finally to Jeremy for making the whole thing happen.

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