Home Alone – Making begins

Do you remember the first time you were old enough to be left alone at your parent’s house? Maybe they’d escaped to New Zealand for 5 weeks or had just popped to Cornwall for the weekend, but you were free.

The front door clunks shut behind them, standing there with so much potential, what do you do first? Pump up the tunes to the max? Get all your mates over and get plastered? Strip down your bike in the living room? Throw bangers down the toilet? Eat all the oven chips in one go?  So many great things you could do, almost too many, where to start? There’s that brain freeze moment where you almost panic as you want to take full advantage of the situation but you are frustratingly just running on the spot, um? um? um? and then boooom, your teenage Nikes get some grip on the carpet and all hell breaks loose!!!

After a few days of trying to get my head around the fact that I actually had a workshop and that I could actually make something, my not so teenage shoes gripped. With a ton of designs to turn into reality deciding which one to start with was on a par with my ‘Home Alone’ past. A wise, poodle stroking man (if you’ve read my other posts you’ve got it, if not then back you go) once said start with something on a small scale. So checkout the photos below of the first steps of me working on my light side tableSwell – TR06’.

1. Cutting the components to size on the table saw.

2. Using the planer to edge the boards.

3. Biscuit jointing the main box

4. Assembling the box

5. My workshop looking more lived in.


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