’2014′ The Year Dreams Come True

‘If you build it, he will come’, hearing this was enough for Kevin Costner to dig up a large part of his crops and to lay down a baseball field, to the astonishment of the other local farmers. This was back in 1989 when Costner could do no wrong, way before Waterworld! If you haven’t seen ‘Field of Dreams’ then it’s definitely worth a watch on a wet Sunday afternoon, not just for his acting prowess but for the message it tries to convey, one which I have kept close to my heart ever since; leaps of faith, following dreams, sticking to your guns, believing in something, hmmm no not the love of baseball.

Kevin Costner hearing voices – Field of Dreams

Whilst kicking the rather deflated, chewed out football to the two extremely keen farm dogs in the courtyard in front of my workshop, I too hear voices in the back of my mind. Not that of Tommy Simpson (ex world champ and British cycling legend) egging me on to destroy the local farmers land to install a velodrome, I have seen the farmer, and his arms are bigger than my cyclist thighs, so no chance. No, voices saying ‘if you build your inspirational furniture in the UK to a high standard without selling your soul or changing your style to suit the masses, they will come’. Okay, okay, agreed it’s not quite as catchy, and I don’t have the supporting cast of James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster or Ray Liotta, but there is definitely the same optimism in the air.

An indoor cycling track – Velodrome

When not hearing voices or training the dogs up for the world cup in Brazil, which is unavoidable on my dashes to the machine shop as their persistence always wins through, I am working on a, hang on let me just count again, yep a million new designs. Hands up if you have a list of places you would like to visit, hands up again if that list just keeps growing especially, when you talk to others of their holidays and adventures. Budget, time, logistics all play a key role in keeping the list a list and not always reality, and so to the million designs on my furniture list, get ready for more in the Hawaiian ‘Wave’ range, some cycling inspired slippery forms and racing car/fighter plane Glee style mash ups. P.s. I have never watched Glee, a ‘friend’ told me all about it.

Rio de Janeiro – on my wish list and not just for the dog world cup!

Already a month into 2014, I hope it is panning out the way you dreamed it would. Is it too late to wish you all a happy new year, for the hardcore ‘festive specialists’ it probably is, so instead I wish you all well. Keep building your lists, whether they be destinations to visit, furniture to make, films to watch, mountains to climb, spots to surf, mash ups to mash…. if you believe enough, they will come!



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