Inspiration. San Francsico

Inspiration can come from many different sources, not only objects but also places. I have been extremely lucky this year to have done a lot of travelling. A destination which really captured my imagination was San Francisco on the west coast of the United States.

If I had to compare San Francisco to an object then it would be a Swiss army penknife, packed full of great features, beautifully rounded and just when you think you have discovered everything you come across another hidden gem.

I’m pretty sure that a few Swiss or European people sneaked into the original town planning meeting. “Right, so I’ve got your suggestions here for our new town, now then, come on, own up, who put down twisty roads and a touch of Harry Potter style, quaint architecture? hmmmmm? Not very American all this, you two in the corner with the cuckoo clock and the clogs do you have anything to say about this? …so to sum up, we’ve got big bridges, yes Hanz I’ve put a red one, cable cars, a little island with a prison, Chinatown, twisty roads hmmm, a hippie district, a selection of piers, steep hills with plenty of great views, beaches, a modern art gallery, a Latino district, some beautiful huge parks, phew I really don’t know how we are going to cram all this in…. what’s that Hanz? You have a plan.”

Walking and biking around San Francisco you very quickly understand why so many people fall in love with the city, joking apart it really does have a little bit of everything, you can drift in and out of different districts soaking up cultures and styles as you go. The diverse architecture alone could keep you busy for a long moment. Climbing the steep hills, you are rewarded by breath taking views, often sneaky shots of the bay or the Golden Gate Bridge framed by the tunnel effect of houses or bigger buildings. Down by the water’s edge, whether it’s in the charming picturesque harbour of Sausalito, on the long west Ocean beach or on one of the piers near Fisherman’s wharf you easily get seduced by the sea air and passing yachts. An inspirational environment, with a unique identity and a great depth, where your imagination is guided and opened at every occasion.

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