Inspiration. The E-Type Jaguar

Where do designers and artist get their inspiration? What is going on upstairs in their minds to make them come up with their ideas and creations?

If Bradley Wiggins and Lance Armstrong are running on ‘win, win, win at all costs’ (and for Lance the cost was a few well invested dollars in doctors and lawyers) then what are Philippe Stark and Tom Dixon humming?

Of course and luckily we are all different and no doubt draw inspiration from different sources. For me it’s a combination of important moments and objects which fuel my imagination. Take the E-Type Jaguar for example; now it’s not that I am a ‘motor head’ or ‘car spotter’, far from it, whenever possible I will in preference, take my bike out in a game of dodge the cars. But even the greenest of greenos could not disagree with its beauty. As an object of design, in my opinion, it is just quite simply perfection. I could real off countless adjectives à la ‘Jeremy Clarkson’ to describe the silky smooth lines but they would be wasted as all you have to do is look and enjoy for yourselves.

And much for the same reason that I love to listen to Eric Clapton, watch Fawlty Towers or plough into a custard tart, I love the E-Type Jag because as a kid my Dad introduced me to them. Imagine a 6 year old boy holding his Dad’s hand, being walked around a car show in the middle of a Devonshire field on a beautiful summer’s day, not a care in the world, soaking up and storing everything he sees, looking on in awe. For me to be able to use such a memory when designing a piece of furniture is priceless.

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One thought on “Inspiration. The E-Type Jaguar

  1. I love the E-type as well for it’s sheer beauty and was first introduced to it when I was 16 years old. I friend of mine was driving one in Germany and used to pick me up from high school with it. No romantic relationship, mind you.

    Best regards. Elke

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