Welcome to my creative universe. I hope you enjoy discovering my furniture in the ‘My Creations’ section, each piece has it’s own unique story and inspiration. My creations are made in the South West of England, either by myself or local skilled craftsmen, all to the highest standard. Each piece can be purchased but should you have your own requirements then I also offer a full bespoke, custom service for furniture and interiors. My aim is to stimulate your emotions, passions, dreams and not only through my original pieces of furniture but also by sharing with you my journey to create them. This is why you can also discover stories about my design career in ‘Chronicles’, what has inspired me along my journey in ‘Be inspired’  and other design related events in ‘Discover’.


I started my design career at Bath University before moving on to Buckinghamshire University College where I studied furniture design and craftsmanship. With artists and engineers in the family I was influenced from a young age and quickly found my own unique style. A three year contract with a top amateur bicycle racing team in the centre of France and being brought up on the south coast of Devon in the United Kingdom have all left their mark on my creative designs.

After a year in Hawaii, in 2013 I set up my workshop just south of Bristol, UK. I am always delighted to have visitors so do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a meeting.


An article about Tom Rowan’s ‘Dare to Dream’ journey :

“When I see a plane high in the sky, jet stream trailing, I stare and wonder where it’s going or a lonely boat on the horizon I ask myself what adventures await it. Journeys taking us away somewhere new, somewhere far from home and ordinary life; – dare to dream.”

A very young Tom Rowan fell in love with sailing boats and promised one day to travel the world, no fear of the uncertain, no care for a normal life. Born in Exeter into a family of artists and engineers, the south coast of Devon fuelling his desire, childhood sailing excursions building the foundations of his inspiration, the simplicity of forms and function combined.

As he grew up he found a physical way to express himself through cycle racing, a sport where determination and sacrifice are essential. Aerodynamics are a vital factor, man and machine are both streamlined to create perfect air penetration, the human body shaved, exposed and elegant, yet showing great strength. Whilst his peers were studying, he was training, racing, pushing his limits, outside in the elements.

Whilst studying architecture at Bath, another childhood dream he found the size of the projects too impersonal; “there was not enough physical contact, too many complications and constraints. The design and artistic content were lost in physics, politics and the need to justify”. Recognizing this he changed tack and embarked on a degree course in Furniture Design and Craftsmanship at Buckinghamshire University College.    

The simple beauty of the hands-on craft carried him away to a place where he could transform his ideas into reality. “Furniture, quite literally, touches us all physically but for me it’s more than that”. Tom’s designs take us on a journey of imagination, invoking memories and passions. We can see elements of boats, airplanes, racing cars, bicycles. Each piece has a minimalist form reflecting his taste for visual purity, toying with speed and excitement. “My furniture says that although we may be locked indoors or living with constraints, there is hope – something more – a reason to dream…. I will never settle for what is given, living just to live is not enough – dare to dream”.



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